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What Our General Manager Says

In the last two quarters of 2019, COTELCO is wrapping up the year in the most positive way it should be. Until a series of earthquake rocked its coverage area. October 16, 29 and 31 were days unforgettable to the people of the Province. It was on these days that the earthquake wreak havoc to the lives, properties, schools, hospitals and government offices. Trauma is imminent and many are forced to stay in evacuation centers and make-shift tents. The earthquake created confusion in the lives of the children, displaced many families and even shattered the economy in these areas.
COTELCO is not spared. Many lines are destroyed and buried in the landslides. Employee’s houses are destroyed as well and its whole operations are affected. But the decision is not to fall in despair, but instead, gather all the workforce in place to conduct massive repair of all damaged lines. Day and night, technical men worked to restore power. Other employees were dispatched to conduct relief operations, as well as visit heavily distressed areas to coordinate what help could be given. In fact, the whole community of COTELCO celebrated yuletide season in the most meaningful way because no parties are being done, but distributed more gift packs to less fortunate member-consumers.
This catastrophe made every individual in Mindanao resilient. Everybody decided to stand up, rebuild, re-assemble and make their lives as normal as possible even how difficult or terrible it may be. The wound that these earthquakes created might be deep and traumatic, but there is a need not to falter. Yes, we cannot control the wrath of nature, nobody could predict when will it occur again; the only thing we can do is to prepare for the worst and pray.
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