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What is System Loss?

It is the electricity used up (lost) in the distribution system for delivering power from COTELCO’s receiving point to the consumer’s metering point.

Types of Losses

  • Technical Losses
    This is inherent to the distribution of electricity and cannot be eliminated.
    Factors that causes high technical losses include Harmonics distortion, Long single phase lines, Unbalanced loading, losses due to overloading and low voltage, losses due to poor insulation, lack of maintenance, inadequate Size of Conductors of Distribution lines, Installation of Distribution transformers away from load centers and many others
  • Non-Technical Losses
    The component that is not related to the physical characteristics and functions of the electrical system, and is caused primarily by human error, whether intentional or not.
    It includes the electric lost due to pilferage, tampering of meters and erroneous meter reading.
How much will be my surcharge if my bill is unpaid after the due date?

Accounts unpaid or paid after the due date will bear a surcharge of 12% of the total power bill.

When will my line be disconnected after I receive the notice of disconnection?

Once you have an over due accounts, after 30 days COTELCO will discontinue the electric service to your premises upon the receipt of a Notice of Disconnection unless full payment is made on your total overdue account.

What is Republic Act 7832 or The Anti-Pilferage Act of 1994?

It is an Act Penalizing the Pilferage of Electricity and Theft of Electric Power Transmission Lines/Materials, Rationalizing System Losses by Phasing Out Pilferage Losses as a Component Thereof and for Other Purposes.

Where can I pay to avoid disconnection?

To avoid disconnection, please pay your bills on time to our collection offices and accredited banks of COTELCO for current bills only particularly at the Veterans Bank and AUB in Kidapawan City.

Can I ask the Meter Reader/Service Crew to accept my payment in behalf of COTELCO?

Meter readers are not authorized by the company to accept payments from its member-consumers.

What are the requirements for a reconnection service?

If your account is already disconnected, please pay the previous bill at our Collection Offices and also pay the reconnection fee amounting to 56 pesos.

What is BAPA (Barangay Power Association)?

It is a mini-cooperative within the Cotabato Electric Cooperative that serves as a supporting arm in rendering the optimum efficient services to the coop’s entire coverage area and to strengthen member-consumer-owners awareness and involvement in the efforts to achieve financial viability.

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