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The COTELCO Scholarship Program was first launched in 1994. The paramount aim of the cooperative is to provide opportunity to deserving new high school graduates to enter college through a Scholarship.

A Scholarship Program is also established to ease up the educational expenses of an indigent member’s son or daughter who will be entering college. The applicants will be subjected to a screening procedure which, when approved, will entitle them an assistance of P7, 000.00 per semester.

Nature of Scholarship

  1. The program grants scholarship to qualified applicants entering first year College in any government schools within the coverage area of COTELCO;
  2. The scholarship’s may be enjoyed for four (4) years provided the awardees maintain an average of 85% or its equivalent in all subjects enrolled and has no grades below 80 to qualify/finish any collegiate four-year course;
  3. The number of grantees in a year shall be based on the number of graduates in the preceding school year;
  4. COTELCO will allocate an amount of Seven Thousand Pesos per Scholar per semester;

Who May Qualify for the Scholarship?

  1. The applicant must be a son or daughter of a member/consumer of the cooperative;
  2. The applicant must enter College in the first semester
  3. The applicant must not be a recipient of any scholarship grant; whether full or partial;
  4. The applicant must not be related to any COTELCO officials or employees and relatives up to the third civil degree of consanguinity or affinity;
  5. The applicant must have achieved an average mark of 85% in all subjects in High School. Applicant must submit a copy of their report card, and other school records;
  6. The applicant must meet the pre-qualifying examination entrance requirements.
  7. The applicant must possess good community standing and be in good health.
  8. Only one sibling per family shall be considered for the program.
  9. Final evaluation of the applicant shall be conducted by the Institutional Services Department and successful nominees be presented to the Board for confirmation.

The Pre-Qualifying Examination Shall Include:

  1. English Assessment
  2. Math Assessment
  3. Filipino Assessment
  4. Abstract Reasoning


  1. High School Report Card (85 % General Average)
  2. High School Diploma
  3. Birth Certificate
  4. Certification of COTELCO Membership
  5. Official Receipt of power bill in the name of the Applicants Parents –Latest and original copy
  6. Good Moral Character
  7. Doctors’ Certificate
  8. 1 pc 2 x 2 colored ID photo
  9. MSD Application Form
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