CWA Pamaskong Handog | Cotelco Inc.

These gifts may seem ordinary to the rich but for the less fortunate ones, these are extraordinary. For the members of CWA, a day spent with these children and their families brought a sense of fulfillment knowing that they made other people happy no matter simple how simple it is. Good deeds are real trademark of being human and that’s what CWA officers will always uphold.

Cotelco Worker’s Association is an organization composed of spirited enthusiast’s employees of Cotabato ElectricCooperative, Inc. strives to make an impact on the people of rural communities.  Backing up with them is their mission and goal of going beyond its wall to share its projects with others.

One of the most recent and successful projects that CWA has accomplished last December 06, 2019 labelled as “Pamaskong Handog where they brought their charitable and altruistic works to the impoverished folks who resides near dump site area located at Barangay Binoligan, Kidapawan City and children in conflict with the law at Brgy singao, Kidapawan City. Over 100 people, who belong to the poorest of the poor, benefited from the said gift-giving activity. The event was like a family day where CWA made them feel the love, joy, pleasure and a day to enjoy themselves. Food and relief goods are provided to every family which is timely for Noche Buena and New Year’s Eve Celebration.

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